Our History

Founded in 2005

Dewey International School of Applied Sciences was founded in 2005 by an educator, Jacqueline Dioh Eko to provide international education with a personalized Problem Based Learning (PBL) and a community approach for kindergarten and elementary school students. With two children of her own, Jackie realized that there were few opportunities to obtain good quality education in Douala for middle class citizens.

DEWEY started off small with a one teacher to four student ratio and 16 years after, still maintains the 1:4 teacher to student ratio. The institution presently houses the secondary and high school sections also. Following the Cambridge curriculum, the school has acquired Cambridge membership as well as British council attached membership. DEWEY is proud to announce that she is a Cambridge examinations centre for primary and secondary\high school Cambridge exams.

Prior to starting DEWEY, Jackie taught at the American School of Douala (ASD) for 7 years. She has American teaching certification and a master’s degree in education from the college of new jersey-USA, program offered in Johannesburg, South Africa and a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Minnesota -USA